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What You Should Know About Pest Control: Be an Informed Consumer


Cockroaches, termites, ants, fleas, mice; you don't want them in your home.  They're destructive.  They're disgusting.  They endanger your health.  If the pest you find in your home is more than just an accidental visitor, it's time to get rid of your unwanted guests!  But how?


  • Choose your pest control professional just as carefully as you would choose an electrician or insurance agent. Ask your neighbors.  Good companies have satisfied customers.
  • Choose an established company that is a member of a state or local pest control association, or the National Pest Control Association.
  • Choose only licensed and insured companies. Feel free to ask for evidence of state licensing and certification.  If you are unsure about a company, check with the local Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, or Consumer Affairs Office.


Everyone would like a magic wand to eliminate pests quickly, cheaply, cleanly.  Home remedies abound: feeding insects dry yeast and then water so that they explode, mixing plaster of Paris with bait to block a rat's digestive system, placing cucumber skins as an ant repellent, or feeding chewing gum to moles to "gum-up" their insides.  Unfortunately, none of these myths have any scientific basis.

Some pest control products sold to consumers don't work.  For example, catalogs and stores sell hundreds of different types of ultrasonic pest repellers: from units designed for the home, to those worn around the neck of your pet.  Tests at university and government laboratories have again and again demonstrated that these devices do NOT control pests.

Other electronic pest control systems allegedly transmit "electromagnetism" or electrical vibrations" that repel or kill pests.  No credible scientific evidence has shown that these devices work.  Electronic pest control systems that have been studied in university or government laboratories have been found ineffective.  They have been characterized as "fraudulent hoaxes.

The Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and numerous state agencies charged with protecting the public have prosecuted manufacturers of such devices because they did not perform as advertised.

A number of illegal pest control chemicals are also available in the marketplace.  For example, "Chinese chalk" is an insecticide stick that is often sold in Oriental food stores.  It has not been registered or tested by the U.S. government, it is not properly labeled, and many officials are concerned about the possible health effects from its use.  Protect your family's health-don't use "black market" pesticides.

When a pest control product seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Don't depend solely on sales talk or testimonials.  Ask for independent studies, from universities or government laboratories, showing that the product is safe and it works.  Call your County Extension Service or local office of consumer protection to find out what they know about the product.

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