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Termites have been damaging structures in Florida as long as people have built in the state. South Florida’s warm, semi-tropical climate is a very friendly environment for a number of species of termites. Not all species of termites are attracted to Florida homes and businesses, but those that are represent a serious threat to the integrity of any structure they infest. Infestations by the Formosan termite are particularly serious, because they can cause significant structural damage in a much shorter period of time than other termites. Nationwide, each year termites cause many billions of dollars in damage to structures. The problem is particularly acute in South Florida. Contact us today for our expert West Palm Beach Termite Control services at your property.

Don’t allow termites to control your property.

Multiple colonies of these pests may exist in the ground outside your building. Some termite species invade structures from these subterranean colonies. This means that defending a structure’s perimeter is part of a prevention plan. Termite colonies also spread by swarming, when a colony releases hundreds of individuals that mate and then seek likely locations for a new colony. Termites in this flying phase look a little like ants. Colonies that infest a structure also swarm. The insects lose their wings, which may accumulate in spots such as the corners of inside windows, a sure sign of an infestation. Our West Palm Beach Termite Control services will help eliminate the termite colonies in your home or business.

Eliminate Termites with West Palm Beach Termite Control.

There are several ways a termite infestation may be eliminated, but in all cases a careful inspection should be conducted first. Buildings may be tented, an effective but expensive procedure that uses potentially dangerous gas forms of termiticides. Other methods include baits and soil barriers. Soil barriers create a chemical barrier around the foundation of a home. Termite baits use a number of stations in the soil around a structure. The bait stations hold food the insects prefer, and when a colony is habituated, termiticides are added to create effective control.

Termite infestations cannot be controlled without professional intervention. Vulcan Pest Control has a termite specialist who will conduct a careful survey of your site and assess the seriousness of the infestation. Our West Palm Beach Termite Control expert will then formulate a plan for eliminating the problem and establish an effective defense. A plan is designed for the particular circumstances of a specific site. A plan may recommend traditional tenting in some situations, or soil barriers and baiting in others. Vulcan guarantees that termite infestations will be eliminated.

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