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South Florida is home to many species of spiders. A few of them can inflict quite serious bites. A spider infestation is not common but may occur unexpectedly. Spiders may be carried into a structure on anything coming in from outside, such as firewood, laundry or plants from a potting shed. Spider populations may build up in closets, attics, under stairs, under and behind furniture, behind or in bookcases, under sinks, in storage spaces and behind refrigerators. The possibility of spider bites is a concern for the parents of small children and the owners of pets. Many people fear spiders, and this may be a concern for residents, visitors or customers. Called arachnophobia, this fear of spiders is common, and you don’t want a customer to discover spiders in your bathroom. The time is now to request West Palm Beach Spider Extermination services at your home or business.

Don’t allow spiders to control your property.

The many species of spiders differ widely in their behaviors. Spiders are so inconspicuous you may not realize how many are in your home. While the dangerous brown recluse spider does not reside in our area, the black widow spider does. It’s readily identifiable if you get close enough, by the red or red-orange hourglass shape on its abdomen. The danger is you can get a bite and not know the species. If you see what you think may be a dangerous species, it’s a good idea to call in a professional who will accurately identify the species and recommend means of eliminating any problem. Our West Palm Beach Spider Extermination experts are trained in finding, identifying and controlling spider populations.

Remove spiders with West Palm Beach Spider Extermination.

The Vulcan Pest Control spider specialist will visit your location and assess the seriousness of any spider problem that might exist. Our West Palm Beach Spider Extermination expert will conduct a careful examination of your home or business. Spiders are small and secretive, and the Vulcan specialist knows where to look to find them. Spiders may infest a home, but spider infestations may also occur elsewhere, in storage sheds, potting sheds, on and under porches and decks. The specialist knows where to look for any species of spider, how to deal with them, and can also identify areas that should be treated to avoid potential problems.

West Palm Beach Spider Extermination procedures use integrated pest control methods. Once our spider expert has inspected your site, we will create a plan to eliminate any infestation and to prevent any more from occurring. The plan will be designed for your specific location.

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