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The midnight moon reflects through the window of your West Palm Beach home. It’s late, but, you’re craving a late-night snack. As you tiptoe barefoot across the cold floor, you feel the slightest tickle on the top of your foot. You turn just in time to catch the tiniest shadow scurrying into a corner. You’ve got a mouse. Now what? No one wants to be trapped with a rodent problem with no way out. If you find yourself in this situation, there are some simple steps you can take to not only solve your current rodent infestation, but also prevent similar problems from arising in the future.

Find the Source of the Problem

Most rodents leave many clues they have been around, even when you can’t always see them. The first step you need to take in ending your issues is figuring out where they are coming from. Search your house for mouse droppings, gnawing damage, or urine stains. Once you identify where the rodents tend to be, it will be easier to rid yourself of them.

Keep It Clean

Whenever possible, don’t leave any bits of unsealed food out. Close all containers and always make sure lids and boxes are closed as best as they can be. Make sure all surfaces are kept clean. Stains and stickiness are a perfect way to attract unwanted miniscule house guests.

Keep Them Out

Here’s the tough one. Most breeds of tiny rodents can squeeze through spaces only a quarter of an inch big. This gives them ample opportunity to make their way through the tiniest cracks in your floors and walls. If you can, seal off any of these openings you may find.

Set Some Traps

Get rid of any existing rodents by setting up traps in the places you found signs of their existence. You can find many products for at-home use in many stores.

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