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Are pests starting to take control of your home? Don’t let pests ruin your perfectly good house. You can handle most of these pesky critters on your own. Here are ten tips for do-it-yourself pest control at home.

1) To keep raccoons at bay, try blocking off access to your home or yard, and never leave overflowing garbage cans.

2) For best results with mousetraps; set multiple traps in multiple areas, double up on traps wherever possible since mice can’t jump two traps in a row, and try using something sweet as bait.

3) Make sure all gaps in your homes foundation are sealed so rodents can’t enter your home. You can use copper mesh in the bigger cracks and holes.

4)  Keep any sitting wood dry and away from your home. Wet wood is a huge attraction for all kinds of insects and small rodents.

5) Tackle your spider problem by using a dehumidifier and doing maintenance cleaning on any cobwebs that appear in problem areas.

6) Store any pet food in tightly sealed, metal containers. Rodents love pet food and if they can get in, they will.

7) To get rid of a box elder bug infestation, find a big swarm and spray the entire area with a soapy water solution.

8) Check that your dryer vent is sealed. This heat source is another ultimate attraction for pests.

9) Use caulk or expanding foam to seal any large gaps in your siding. Closing off their entranceway is the best way to get rid of unwanted guests.

10) Weatherproof your windows. This is one of the easiest ways for many pests to get in and also one of the easiest preventative measures to take.

ants can be extremely persistent.

Vulcan Pest Control has been in business in West Palm Beach for many years. We know how to eliminate pests with West Palm Beach Ant Control. Please call Vulcan Pest Control today for a Free Estimate!

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West Palm Beach Ant Control
West Palm Beach Ant Control


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West Palm Beach Ant Control

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