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Are you a business owner in the West Palm Beach area? Do you have a pesky pest problem you can’t seem to get under control? Many restaurants and other places of business are prime targets for small rodents and other critters that can cause havoc on your building. Don’t let this be your problem. Here are the type five pests and what you can do to help with problems.


Many businesses have large dumpsters and trash areas that raccoons just love. If this is the case with your business, try sealing these areas off with tall gates, if possible. Also make sure trash bins are always left closed and never overflowing.


Cockroaches love large stacks of paper and cardboard. Something many business have on hand. Try to keep all cardboard compacted and sealed in a recycling compartment.. Also make sure any paper is kept in boxes.

Box Elder Bugs

These insects sure do swarm. If you have any wooded or garden area around your building, chances are you have an infestation of these guys. There’s not much you can do to prevent them. But, if they do happen to pick a spot that’s inconvenient for you, just use a strong solution of soapy water on and around them.


Make sure there is never any food left out anywhere. Mice love leftovers way more than we do. Keep all lunch or break areas clean and free of crumbs for them to nibble on. If you do end up finding signs of one of these rodents, set multiple traps soon.


Keeping cobwebs under control might be a tedious task in doorways and on high ceilings but doing this weekly can drastically decrease the number of spiders you see in your place of business. Since they tend to stick to corners and out-of-reach places, you can use a broom or extendable duster.

Vulcan Pest Control has been in business in West Palm Beach for many years. We know how to eliminate pests with West Palm Beach Ant Control. Please call Vulcan Pest Control today for a Free Estimate!

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