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Not so long ago bed bugs were best known from the old nursery rhyme line “don’t let the bed bugs bite.” The insects have since reemerged as pests. Bed bugs are commonly thought to be indications of poor sanitation and old buildings, but the fact is they can become pests in the most exclusive neighborhoods. West Palm Beach Bed Bugs can be introduced into a home, condo or apartment in luggage returning from a vacation. They can travel in used furniture. They can infest one condo and then the entire building. While they do not carry diseases, the bites can cause unpleasant itching, which can lead to more serious medical consequences. Bites may also cause allergic reactions.

Don’t allow bed bugs to dominate your home.

Once established, bed bugs can be extremely difficult to eliminate. They carry a social stigma: for example, if customers find bed bugs in a resort hotel, the economic consequences may be severe. The pests feed on blood and prefer human blood, although pets’ blood will do. They can go a year without feeding, so moving into a new home could be moving into bed bug territory.

If you see a bed bug or anything you think might indicate them, it’s important that you call in a professional service immediately. Vulcan specialists will come to your site and conduct a careful inspection of the premises. No two locations are exactly the same, so our specialist will devise a plan to fit the specific site. Factors that must be taken into consideration include the building’s age and condition, whether it is single-family or multiple units, and the proximity of other structures. If the site is a business, such as a bed and breakfast, the cooperation of managers and employees is important.

Eliminate bed bugs with West Palm Beach Bed Bugs Extermination.

A plan for eliminating the problem usually mixes non-chemical and chemical means to eliminate the problem. Recommended methods may include tent fumigation, heat and steam treatment, or insecticides. An essential component is monitoring the results to be certain the infestation is eliminated.

New technology is available to detect the bugs before an infestation becomes serious. Vulcan Pest Control now offers the Volcano bed bug detector, which uses bait to attract them, and keeps them in the trap. Checking the detector periodically will catch any threat of infestation early for households using the device. This technology will prevent infestations, and assure that there is no recurrence of infestations that have been eliminated.

Please call Vulcan Pest Control for a free estimate. We’ll make certain that the bed bugs never bite!

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West Palm Beach Bed Bugs Extermination

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