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Got ants? We have you covered with expert West Palm Beach Ant Control! When you live in South Florida, they’re hard to avoid. Some species of ants are especially unwelcome guests in your home or business. Carpenter ants can damage structures, and fire ants can sting children, staff or customers, sometimes resulting in very serious allergic reactions. Some ants in South Florida form super colonies, which have multiple queens and multiple nests. Ants are hardy, persistent and are year-round pests in the South Florida area. Eliminating the problem requires the attention of specialists with West Palm Beach Ant Control.

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You got them? We’ll get them. Vulcan Pest Control is a specialist in West Palm Beach Ant Control. Why a specialist? There are a many species of ants. Each species differs in how their colonies work. Ghost ants are very different from rover ants or crazy ants. Colonies of different species will be in different locations, eat different food, and be different in how they are pests. Ants also access structures in differing ways, so controlling ants involves both eliminating established colonies and denying them access points from the outside. To eliminate an ant problem, it is essential to identify the ant species (there may be more than one). Your Vulcan Pest Control expert will visit, and identify the species causing the problem.

Remove unwelcomed ants with West Palm Beach Ant Control.

During the initial visit, our specialist will assess the situation. He will carefully inspect the inside of the structure, and then just as carefully inspect the area surrounding the premises. The inspection is crucial. Our expert will identify the location of any ant colonies inside, and then search for possible entry points from the outside. These vulnerable entry points include cracks in the foundation or walls, areas around windows and doors, and utility penetrations. Inside entry points are often under kitchen or bathroom sinks. An area many people don’t think about it the existence of wall voids, the empty areas between walls, where colonies often nest. All of these must be treated to eliminate an existing problem.

The next step is to design a plan for dealing with the pests. The plan will be based on the initial inspections, and will include procedures for inside and outside treatment, and perimeter application. The plan will also include implementing an ongoing maintenance program to prevent any recurrence of the infestation. This is important, because ants can be extremely persistent.

Vulcan Pest Control has been in business in West Palm Beach for many years. We know how to eliminate pests with West Palm Beach Ant Control. Please call Vulcan Pest Control today for a Free Estimate!

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West Palm Beach Ant Control
West Palm Beach Ant Control


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West Palm Beach Ant Control

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