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There are about 35,000 known species of spiders in the world. In Florida it is possible to collect between 400 and 700 species. While only a few species regularly live in buildings, a larger number occasionally wonder is or are carried in on firewood, laundry or flowers. Get our expert spider extermination services today!


Spiders have two body regions linked by a narrow waist or pedicel. The fused head-thorax or cephalathorax has two jaws or chelicerae, two palps, eight legs and usually many eyes. The abdomen is unsegmented and in females ends in spinnerets which produce the silk for web making. Spiders are predators and prey is caught either in specially constructed traps, including many types of web, or by direct seizure. In buildings devoid of prey, spiders are rarely a problem.

Most spiders are harmless to people, but some species can inflict serious poisonous bites when they are disturbed. As a result of fearing these poisonous species, many large harmless spiders are suspected to be tarantulas and many harmless colorful spiders are suspected to be black widows, Ironically, some of the most poisonous spiders, particularly the brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa), are neither large nor colorful. The brown recluse spider is not known to be established in our area.

The life cycle of spiders varies with the species, but there are some features shared by most. Mating consists of the male using his palm to transfer sperm to an opening on the underside of the female, often accompanied by behavior designed to pacify the often larger female. Eggs are laid in globular silken sacks, each of which may contain hundreds of eggs. The eggs hatch in one to two weeks and the spiderlings molt once before emerging fom the sac. The spiderlings then spin silk strands and are blown away to new sites in a process called ballooning. At their new sites the spiderlings hunt and undergo several molts before becoming mature, usually after a few months.

Our exclusive pest management service is your first line of defense to protect you and your family from spiders. Our technicians are specially trained to find the most secretive spiders, and are experienced in the latest methods of spider extermination control.

Whichever control methods we recommend for your spider problem, you can bet that we will be around until the problem is solved.

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