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Signs You Have Termites

Termites can cause enormous damage to your home. You may have an infestation and be completely unaware of it. How can you find out? First, you should be aware that there are some signs that might have a termite problem.

Several signs are visual. An accumulation of small wings in the corners of windows could indicate termites: colonies create additional colonies by swarms of flying males and females, which lose their wings. Outside your home, you may notice tubes reaching up from the ground, pencil sized and sometimes fan shaped; these are access points for ground termites into your home. There are several forms of these tubes, and all of them are strong indications of termites.

Other visual signs are discolored or drooping drywall, or peeling paint that looks like water damage. Or, you may see small mysterious piles of sand-like pellets in places like window sills, which may well be termite feces.

If wood sounds hollow when tapped, it can indicate termite damage, which hollows out wood from the inside and leaves the outside looking normal. You can probe spots carefully with a butter knife to verify the damage.

Window frames and doors that stick and have become difficult to open are a sign. Termite damage may result in the frame becoming out of shape. Another indication is sagging or spongy spots in your floors, and blistering of saggy laminate flooring, which may indicate termite damage in floorboard or supports.

Termites don’t damage just wooden structures. Brick and stone structures can be seriously damaged wherever there is wood used, including structural supports, baseboards and window and door frames.

By the time you notice one or more of these clues, you may already have a sizable infestation. Termites are hardy and persistent. Elimination of termites is difficult and requires professional help. If you see one of these clues, please call Vulcan Pest Control. We will send out one of our highly experienced specialists who will inspect your property and determine if there is an infestation, where it’s located and how serious it is. If you do have termites, our specialist will make recommendations for both immediate elimination of your termite threat and prevention of future threats.

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