Ants Are Farmers Besides humans, ants are the only creatures that will farm other creatures. Just as humans raise livestock as a food source, ants will do the same with other insects. The most commonly farmed insects are aphids. Occasionally mealybugs and soft scales are farmed when there is a plentiful source available. Why Aphids?…

Pests In Your Garage Your garage may have secret hiding places that are attractive to undesired insects and wildlife. From ants, spiders, and roaches, to rodents, raccoons, and birds, your garage may be harboring pests that you are unaware of, and when pests become comfortable living in your garage, it’s only a matter of time before…

A Healthy Lawn Works Hard to Keep You Healthy and Alive Your turf grass is much more than just pretty ground cover.  Your lawn is a working system designed to keep you healthy and care for the environment at the same time. Here is a list of the ways your lawn works and the important…

How Do Ants Enter Your Home? It’s Frustrating When you come across a good thing, you tell your family and friends, right? Well, so do ants. When scout ants discover a food and water source, they rush back to the colony to let others know and bring back hundreds of friends to carry food back…

Hate Holiday Party Crashers? Pests Are The Worst!  You’ve shopped, prepared, and decorated your home for the holidays, but there is one thing that can go wrong if left unattended, undesired pests.  There are 4 kinds of pest party crashers that can wreck-it quicker than Ralph. Spiders. They ride in unnoticed on your freshly cut…

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