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Reduce Your Risk of Carpenter Ant Invasion...

Carpenter ants are one of the more common ants found in houses.  They are also difficult to control without professional help.  They have the added impact of sometimes damaging the wood in your home.  You can reduce your risk of carpenter ant attack by making your home less attractive to carpenter ants:

  1. Eliminate Prime Nest Sites
  • Store firewood away from the house; bring in only wood that will be used soon.
  • Remove stumps, dead trees, and woodpiles near the house.
  • Repair damaged trees. Replace water-damaged or decayed wood in and around your home.  Only treated wood should be in contact with soil.
  1. Correct Moisture Problems
  • Repair poorly sealed windows (especially bay windows), doors, and leaky skylights.
  • Correct roof leaks, poor roof drainage, damaged downspouts, clogged gutters, missing splash blocks.
  • Fix "weepy" basement walls and install sump pump if needed.
  • lnsure adequate ventilation in the crawlspace and attic.
  • Correct poor grade at the foundation (water pools against the house).
  • Fix leaky pipes, damaged grout in tubs and showers, leaky dishwasher and clothes washer, areas of excessive condensation.
  1. Block Carpenter Ant Accesscarpenter ants
  • Trim tree and shrub branches so they do not touch the house.
  • Seal openings around windows and doors, and repair screens.
  • Repair damage to siding and foundation walls.
  • Seal around pipes and utility lines entering the house.
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