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A correctly fertilized and pruned palm should have a 360 degree round canopy of green fronds

University of Florida specialists has observed that after our severe hurricane seasons of 2004 and 2005 "hurricane-cut" palms were more likely to have their crowns snapped off than those with fuller canopies. This may be because the youngest fronds left on over-pruned palms did not harden off to the extent that older fronds do and young fronds lack the support from older frond bases.

Do not remove any green or partially green palm fronds when pruning a palm.

pruning palms properly Research shows that pruning green or yellowing fronds is harmful to the palm. Excessive pruning of green fronds stresses the palm and gradually reduces its trunk diameter.  Only prune off totally brown fronds, this will keep the palm growing steadily. Fertilize your mixed landscape every three-four months with 8-2-12 +4Mg with micronutrients.  This fertilizer formula developed by UF contains nearly 100% slow release macronutrients and all the micronutrients in quick release form. This not only simplifies fertilization by having to use only a single product, but eliminates a serious problem encountered when high nitrogen turf fertilizers are applied to turf areas with palms growing nearby. Roots of large palms typically extend 50 feet or more from the trunk in all directions and will take up whatever fertilizers have been applied to the turf grass.  Recent research indicates that fertilizers containing high Nitrogen to potassium ratios and lack of any slow release magnesium in most turf fertilizers have been known to kill palms from induced potassium deficiency.   Concentrating fertilizer in holes, as spikes or in bands around palm trunks if less effective than spreading the same amount of fertilizer uniformly throughout the area under the palm canopy.

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