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Vulcan Pest Control is the area's local ant control expert!

These resilient and advanced creatures are a nuisance and extremely difficult-to-control insects. Not only can they cause health issues, they can also cause structural damage to your home. Carpenter ants bring the threat of structural damage. Pharaoh ants can carry disease organisms. The venom from fire ant stings can trigger severe allergic reactions in people. Understanding ants and their behavior is vital to successfully controlling this insect.

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    Steps to Ant Control

    Vulcan Pest Control uses the following steps to control ants for good.

    Thorough Inspection: During your service, our knowledgeable technicians will identify which species of ants are on your property. The technician will check for foliage that comes into contact with the home providing ants easy access to your home, seek out all of the ant trails and trace them back to the source of entry, and always trying to locate the original source nest.

    Interior Treatment (Initial Visit): Once the ant species has been identified and the areas of foraging documented, your technician will develop the appropriate treatment strategy. Ant colonies located inside wall voids will be treated with a material specifically designed for this type of treatment.

    Perimeter Application: Using a combination of materials including baits, non-repellent liquids, and waterproof dusts around building foundations helps prevent foraging ants from entering the structure.

    Outdoor Treatment: As your technician locates ant colonies outdoors, whether trailing along foundations or under planters, patio furniture, and other outdoor items, they will be treated with an appropriate material for that species. In South Florida, we often have to deal with super colony ants that have multiple nest sites and multiple queens.

    Implementation of Maintenance Programs: Once the initial ant problem has been solved, it is recommended that you have a regular maintenance service such as our Perimeter Guardian Service to achieve long-term ant control.

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