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Fleas & Ticks

Keep your family and pets safe from the threat of fleas & ticks.

Fleas and ticks have become increasingly common pests in the last two decades. Not only can pets bring them inside, but you can also carry them in on shoes and clothing. Fleas and ticks can carry heartworm for pets, Lyme disease, and many other diseases that can put your family and pets at risk. The best programs for dealing with fleas and ticks involve the integration of the appropriate chemical and non-chemical methods. Vulcan Pest Control has developed an integrated approach using various methods and materials.

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    Steps to Flea & Tick Control

    Vulcan Pest Control uses the following steps to control fleas and ticks for good.

    Thorough Inspection: An inspection helps to identify the pest species and general extent of infestation.

    Non-Chemical Measures: Effective programs involve collaboration between pet owners and the pest management professional. For flea control, perhaps the single most important non-chemical method is vacuuming the premises.

    Chemical Measures: The Vulcan Pest Control solution was designed to not only reliably control fleas and ticks but to also minimize homeowner inconvenience. Our products deliver quick knockdown, longer-lasting control, and better value than many competitive flea and tick products and services.

    Follow-Up & Monitoring: With pests such as fleas and ticks, which can live outdoors, the possibility of re-infestation always exists. In our area, due to our mild climate and warmer temperatures, pet owners will have recurring problems with fleas and ticks unless treatments are repeated.

    Our exclusive pest management service is your first line of defense to protect you and your family from fleas and ticks. Our technicians are specially trained to deal with the most difficult flea and tick infestations and are experienced in the latest methods of control.

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