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Mosquito Control

Protect your home and family from annoying and harmful Mosquitoes.

Enjoying your Florida yard should not be a battle against tiny, dangerous pests. Protect your family and your free time with the help of a mosquito control plan from Vulcan Pest Control. Our mosquito treatments will reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property so that you can spend time enjoying the great outdoors instead of fighting against it. Mosquito-free living is just one phone call away!

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    Our Mosquito Control Services

    Mosquitoes have always been a nuisance, but they are also becoming more dangerous as they continue to spread harmful illnesses to people, such as Zika. While eliminating mosquitoes entirely from your property is not yet possible, you can reduce their populations drastically, along with your chances of contracting a mosquito-borne disease. We offer several options for mosquito control so that you can choose the treatment plan that works best for you and your family.

    In2Care Mosquito Traps

    For an all-natural option to keep mosquitoes under control, our In2Care mosquito traps are an excellent solution. We will begin by performing an inspection of your property to determine the proper number and location of traps needed. Most properties require two units, although some may need three or four. After the inspection, we’ll set up an initial service visit to install the In2Care system. Since it takes about three weeks for the system to reduce mosquitoes, we will also perform a misting treatment on the initial visit.

    Once the In2Care units are set up, they work by luring mosquitoes to the traps where they pick up a larvicide. The larvicide is intended to interrupt the breeding cycle. The mosquitoes then spread the larvicide to other breeding areas, including ones that are difficult to reach with other mosquito control treatments. This eliminates mosquitoes in the early stages of development. The trap also has a biological adulticide so that the mosquito that picked up the larvicide dies a few days later. Over a few weeks, the mosquito population will be greatly reduced on your property. Our In2Care units are serviced monthly to reduce mosquitos’ populations during their most active breeding and feeding seasons.

    Mosquito Misting Services

    Vulcan Pest Control offers a mosquito misting service to reduce the mosquitoes on your property. We provide this service monthly for on-going protection. One-time special event services are also available. During a misting session, our service technician will use a backpack fogging machine to treat mosquito landing sites. Special attention is paid to the undersides of leaves on landscaping and trees which are common locations for mosquitoes to land. We will also apply a larvicide to all areas of standing water.

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