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Vulcan Pest Control has been growing beautiful lawns since 1987. We are your single source for weed control, tree and shrub fertilization, grub management, water conservation management, mosquito reduction, ficus whitefly treatments, spiraling whitefly treatments, and once-a year fire ant control.

With complete fertilization and surface pest management, our most basic program covers most of your lawn’s needs, but we also offer so much more. We do all of this at reasonable prices to make it easy and affordable for you to have a great looking landscape. A great looking landscape will add value to your home and increase its livability for your family. Our customers depend on us to keep their lawns looking great all year, and you can too! When you call Vulcan Pest Control, you’ll get results you’ll love coming home to, and all at a great price. We know you have a lot of choices in lawn care. We also know there’s a big difference between companies, both in what they deliver to their customers and in what they charge. This season call Vulcan Pest Control for a free 25 point lawn analysis, and discover what real quality and value in lawn care can mean for you, your family and your property.

We create and maintain real value for you.

Every year we test and improve our services. We continually update our lawn technicians’ training programs, and we use the best products depending on the season. This means you can count on a carefree, beautiful, and healthy lawn throughout the entire year.

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Complete commitment to plant health and safety

Each season your landscape grows and changes. Every tree and shrub on your property is part of a growing investment, adding both value and enjoyment to your home. However, each new season also brings insect, disease, and weather problems that can damage or even destroy the beauty and health of your landscape. Vulcan Pest Control has the experience you can depend on to carefully inspect and manage the health of your lawn, palm trees, and shrubs. Through each season of the year we monitor and treat insect activity in a timely manner to prevent long term damage. We also provide fertilization precisely formulated for South Florida’s soil and plant types for improved plant growth, bloom potential, and general vigor. For quality care of your growing landscape investment, count on the name your neighbors trust. Call Vulcan Pest Control at (561) 791-2400 for a free personalized evaluation today.

We abide by the Best Management Practices for protection of water resources.

Best Management Practices, also called BMPs, are guidelines advising producers and applicators how to manage the water, nutrients, and pesticides they use in order to minimize agriculture’s impact on the state’s natural resources. BMPs were developed as part of the implementation plan of the 1999 Florida Watershed Protection Act that was passed to provide Florida compliance with provisions of the 1972 Federal Clean Water Act (FCWA). BMPs were developed because agricultural activity has been linked to the contamination of watersheds with nutrients (e.g., nitrogen and phosphorus), pesticides and discharged sediments, and water. Because much of the state is built on limestone, which allows water to return relatively unfiltered to the aquifer, pollutants can enter the water supply quickly, endangering humans and ecosystems. In addition to addressing water issues across the state, the BMPs will also help address concerns in South Florida about water quality in the Everglades by reducing nutrients and pesticides from entering the Everglades ecosystem.

The Sugarcane Mosaic Virus of St. Augustine grass was first reported in the 1960s and has made an outbreak in Pinellas County, Florida. The Virus has made its way to Palm Beach County and surrounding areas. The virus is widely spread by lawn mower blades and can be transferred from a diseased lawn. There is no cure for the virus, but a healthy, well fertilized lawn gives your turf the best chance for survival. Here is a short video from Channel 25 WPBF News about the virus:


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