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Hate Holiday Party Crashers? Pests Are The Worst! 

You’ve shopped, prepared, and decorated your home for the holidays, but there is one thing that can go wrong if left unattended, undesired pests.  There are 4 kinds of pest party crashers that can wreck-it quicker than Ralph.

  1. Spiders. They ride in unnoticed on your freshly cut holiday tree, wrap tiny spider eggs in silk to make an egg sac, hang them on inner branches and before you know it, there are thousands of them. That’s way too many uninvited guests.
  1. Roaches. Known to hitch a ride in and on things like packages, grocery bags, furniture and cardboard boxes, cockroaches are highly reproductive creatures. As few as one cockroach can become an infestation in 6 weeks, spoiling an otherwise perfect celebration.
  1. Ants. When ants are trailing through your kitchen, you have an infestation and need a professional to identify the exact species. Otherwise, they will march right through your next party.  Who wants to dance their way around a bunch of ants on their way to the refreshment table?
  1. Rodents. No one wants to see footprints in the chip dip or rodents in the house while the merry making is happening. Rodents can’t resist the smell of your delicious specialty foods and will definitely be tempted to taste grandma’s favorite recipe.

Undesired pests are definitely not on your holiday list.  Now is the time to schedule your holiday pest control service, before the party crashers arrive.  Call Vulcan Pest Control today!

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