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Crickets are closely related to grasshoppers and cockroaches. The house cricket (Acheta domesticis) and the field cricket (Gryllus spp.) are both found in our area. The feed outdoors in warm weather but commonly invade buildings with the onset of dry or cold weather or when populations reach epidemic levels. Less common invaders are the camel cricket (Ceuthophilus spp.) which are sometimes found outside in soil or under logs and stones and may invade buildings during hot dry weather seeking dark, moist places.

Crickets are omnivorous and though usually feeding on vegetation outdoors, they also feed on other insects and each other. Indoors they can eat a wide variety of human food, debris and clothing. Representatives of the other groups of crickets (tree crickets, ground crickets, Jerusalem crickets and mole crickets) may become noticeable in the vicinity of buildings but rarely enter. With the exception of camel crickets, most crickets are attracted to lights from buildings at night.

Our exclusive pest management service is your first line of defense to protect you and your family from crickets. Our technicians are specially trained to find the crickets, and are experienced in the latest methods of control.

Whichever control methods we recommend for your cricket problem, you can bet that we will be around until the problem is solved.

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