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Commercial Pest Control

Pests can affect businesses in a number of ways. One is simple destruction: termites can destroy your buildings, rats gnawing can damage structure and cause fires by gnawing electrical cords, and rodents can damage and destroy inventory both on shelves and in storage. The presence of pests can lead to regulatory action, particularly the case where food is processed and served. Some pests carry a highly negative public image, and if seen on your premises can result in the loss of customers and damage your business reputation—this is particularly the case with cockroaches and rats. A special case is bed bugs and businesses catering to travelers; hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts are vulnerable to loss of business if bed bugs are found. As if this wasn’t enough, customers sometimes initiate lawsuits based on the presence of pests.

The best way to control pests is to deny them access to structures. Identifying likely points of entry into a site and identifying potential local threats is a matter for the experts. South Florida is particularly rich in pests of all kinds, from bed bugs and roaches to spiders and rats. Vulcan Commercial Pest Control has many years of experience in dealing with the whole array of pests in the South Florida setting. The  Vulcan expert will start with a careful inspection of the site and its surroundings. This would include identifying areas within structures that might host an infestation, as well as checking seldom-noticed places such as spaces around and under storage shelves, in basements, ventilation systems, and wall voids. The inspection will include the outside of the structure to detect potential pest entry points. It will include inspection of plantings and lawns, and take note of sanitation procedures. Vulcan then will devise a plan based on the survey. The plan will recommend means to eliminate any existing infestation and also to prevent any from arising.

A Vulcan plan will include several steps. If there is an active infestation, we will recommend methods of eliminating it. These may include combinations of tenting, baits, chemical and non-chemical means, and preventive barriers. It is essential to the success of any plan that it takes into account and is supported by site managers, owners, employees and tenants. Eliminating some infestations may require agreement among several businesses. Vulcan recommends periodic follow-up inspections to note any changes or potential new pest infestations.

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