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Cockroaches pose a serious threat to human health. Hire an expert cockroach exterminator today!

When you have cockroaches in your home, the time is more important than ever to hire a cockroach exterminator. Cockroaches belong to the insect order Dictyoptera, which also includes praying mantises. Fossil records indicate that cockroaches similar to today’s species were abundant 300 million years ago. There are now approximately 4,000 know species of cockroaches, most of which are found in the tropics and sub-contracts, but with some species in every country. In terms of the number of species and their wide distribution, cockroaches are among the most successful groups of animals. The long record of survival and continuing abundance of cockroaches is attributable to their cryptic habits, tough bodies, fast breeding, and broad diet.

In the Unites States, there are 55 species of cockroaches, most of which scavenge outdoors and seldom become pests. However, about a dozen species have become major indoor pests. The South Florida climate makes our area the perfect home for cockroaches. These reasons require an expert cockroach exterminator or resolve the problem.

Roaches are relatively large, flat insects with long, highly maneuverable antennae and compound eyes on a head which points downwards and backwards. The adult male of most species and the females of some have well developed wings, and some of the larger species actively fly at night. In all species the legs are large and well suited for rapid running. The speed and flat bodies of roaches enable them to quickly seek refuge in narrow crevices when disturbed. Most species, including those which are pests are nocturnal and spend most of their time resting in dark harborages.

Among those cockroaches which are pests, two smaller species are very common in buildings throughout South Florida. These are the brown-banded cockroach, Supella longipalpa. And the German cockroach, Blatella germanica, both of which can thrive on human food and food scraps. There are several species of larger cockroaches which predominantly live outdoors but which can become pests when they invade buildings. These larger cockroaches are scavengers on dead insects and other animal remains, as well as on fungi, fallen fruit and other decaying vegetation. Inside buildings like the smaller cockroaches, they scavenge on human food and other organic material.

The most common large cockroach pests in South Florida are:

    • American cockroachcockroach exterminator
    • Smoky brown cockroach
    • Oriental cockroach
    • Australian cockroach
    • Brown cockroach

Although other species are locally important, the German cockroach is the dominant pest of buildings in the United States. It is found in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, food plants, hotels, restaurants, research laboratories, computer rooms and on various modes of transportation, including aircraft.

Cockroach Biology

In order to understand why German cockroaches are such a common pest and for planning pest programs against the various species. It is essential to know the appearance of different cockroaches, as well as their life cycles and habits. Vulcan technicians have been well trained and are able to accurately diagnose any cockroach problem you may have.

Cockroaches develop by gradual metamorphosis, passing through three stages; egg, nymph and adult. The eggs are laid in batches in a purse-shaped case called an ootheca. Nymphs hatch from the eggs and emerge from the protective egg cases by breaking a seam along the edge and wriggling out. TY\he nymphs usually resemble miniature adults but they lack wings and may be a different color. Though often found in groups, cockroaches are not true social insects like ants or termites. The nymphs feed independently and grow and molt until they reach the adult stage.

The life cycle of cockroaches varies in detail from species to species and, even within the same species. Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and food supply affect the development time and adult life span. Contact our professional cockroach exterminator today for more information!

The Vulcan Pest Control Management Program for Cockroaches.

The keys for dealing with cockroach problems are first to understand the survival abilities of cockroaches, and secondly to plan carefully. The Vulcan cockroach control program involves the integrated use of appropriate chemical and non-chemical methods. Vulcan Pest Control has pioneered such an integrated approach in our residential and commercial pest management programs. We guarantee our cockroach exterminator services at your home or business.

The Vulcan Pest Control cockroach management program involves the following steps.

    • 1. Obtaining cooperation of site management or owners.
    • 2. Inspecting premises.
    • 3. Developing recommendations for non-chemical measures.
    • 4. Developing measures for chemical treatments.
    • 5. Obtaining cooperation or residents and employees.
    • 6. Implementing initial service.
    • 7. Implementing follow up services.
    • 8. Monitoring the results.

The purpose and actions involved in each of these steps will vary, depending on the type of premises, climatic factors, construction methods and materials, maintenance standards, sanitation levels, current pest pressures and policies or attitudes of site personnel. Fill out your contact information for a Free Quote.

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