March 2018

Don’t Put Out the Welcome Mat for Termites


Don’t Put Out the Welcome Mat for Termites  Termites live in the soil and are attracted to wood and moisture.  They travel underground, through wood, and in darkness.  You can help us protect your home from termite attach by taking certain steps so that your treatment lasts as long as possible. Fix leaky faucets, water [...]

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February 2018

How to Avoid Attracting Pests When Using Mulch Around a Building


How to Avoid Attracting Pests When Using Mulch Around a Building Bark mulches, leaf litter, and similar organic materials around the foundation of a building can lead to pest problems. Mulch traps moisture which attracts insects and other pests, including termites. And not only can termites feed on many kinds of mulch, but mulch built [...]

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Mosquitoes…Know Your Enemy!


Mosquitoes...Know Your Enemy! Do you get mosquito bites around your home? You could be breeding them in your own backyard. Mosquitoes need water to breed. They especially like still and stagnant water in containers like old buckets and cans, even tires and boats. The female mosquito (the one that bites!) lays her eggs in the [...]

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January 2018

Sanitation of Palm Tree Pruning Tools


Sanitation of Palm Tree Pruning Tools Palm tree diseases are often transmitted from palm to palm via leaf pruning tools. Equipment used to remove leaves from an infected palm (chainsaw, lopper, pruning shear, handsaw, etc.) will have fungal infested leaf material (wood dust, plant sap) on the blades. If the equipment is not cleaned and [...]

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November 2017

Commercial Pest Control


Commercial Pest Control Pests can affect businesses in a number of ways. One is simple destruction: termites can destroy your buildings, rats gnawing can damage structure and cause fires by gnawing electrical cords, and rodents can damage and destroy inventory both on shelves and in storage. The presence of pests can lead to regulatory action, [...]

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Fruit Flies – Know Your Enemy


Fruit Flies – Know Your Enemy Fruit flies are a common pest.  All too common, some would say.  They infest homes, restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets, food processing plants, and breweries. What we call a fruit fly or vinegar fly; scientists call a Drosophila fly (pronounced "dro-soff-ill-ah).  There are many different kinds, but all have similar looks [...]

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October 2017

Pruning Palms Properly


PRUNING PALMS PROPERLY A correctly fertilized and pruned palm should have a 360 degree round canopy of green fronds University of Florida specialists has observed that after our severe hurricane seasons of 2004 and 2005 "hurricane-cut" palms were more likely to have their crowns snapped off than those with fuller canopies. This may be because [...]

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