Mosquitoes…Know Your Enemy!

Do you get mosquito bites around your home? You could be breeding them in your own backyard.

Mosquitoes need water to breed. They especially like still and stagnant water in containers like old buckets and cans, even tires and boats. The female mosquito (the one that bites!) lays her eggs in the water. Soon the mosquito’s eggs hatch into the actively swimming “wigglers” (larvae). In a few days, hungry adult mosquitoes are looking to feed on you.

While spraying or fogging the area can give you short-term relief, the best way to control mosquitoes is to get rid of the standing water where they breed.

Begin by carefully inspecting your entire property. Look for anything holding water. try these little changes and Avoid mosquito bites.

In the United States, mosquitoes used to cause epidemics of deadly diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. Fortunately, these diseases are rarely transmitted today, thanks to modern pest control. However, mosquitoes may transmit heartworm to dogs, and on rare occasions encephalitis to horses or people.



What About Bug Zappers?

Bug zappers won’t control mosquitoes. They are designed to electrocute flying insects that are attracted to light. But many mosquitoes are not attracted to lights at all. Only a tiny percentage (usually less than 3%) of the insects zapped are mosquitoes, most are harmless gnats, moths, and beetles.

A bug zapper in a yard often brings in extra insects from surrounding areas. Tests have shown that zappers fail to reduce mosquito biting in yards.


Photo: Jared Belson