Doing Your Part – Help us Get Rid of fleas in Your Home

get rid of fleas in your home

  1. Point out trouble spots. Where have you seen fleas or been bitten? Where do your pets sleep and play, inside and out?  Have you seen a neighbor’s pet or wild animals such as opossums around your yard?
  2. getting rid of fleas

  3. Vacuum and tidy up. Before treatment, pick all toys and other loose objects from floors, from under furniture, and in closets. Vacuum rugs and floors, especially where your pets rest, and along baseboards.  Vacuum furniture too.  (Vacuuming helps remove flea eggs and the dried blood that flea larvae feed on.)  Discard the vacuum bag in a trash can outdoors.
  4. clean fleas in your home

  5. Wash or discard pet bedding. The greatest number of flea eggs and larvae are found on pet blankets, pet cushions, and other places where pets rest, and along baseboards.
  6. wash pets

  7. Have your pet treated for fleas. If we treat your house, but your pet remains untreated, the adult fleas on your pet will keep laying eggs, and the flea cycle will continue. We suggest you have your pet treated by a veterinarian on the day we treat your home.  If you treat your pet yourself, follow the directions on the package exactly.