Cockroach Population Set To Explode


Now that the summer heat has set in, insect pests also set in. In summer, eggs hatch a lot faster, which means we see increased amounts of cockroaches.  It is estimated that there will be more cockroaches born in Palm Beach County, Florida alone, than the entire population of 21 million people living in Florida.cockroach population

The german cockroach is the most prolific breeder, taking as little as 40 days to fully develop from hatching to adult.  An adult female will lay 300 to 400 eggs within a 6 month period.  In turn, a few cockroaches left untreated in your home or business now, can result in well over 250,000 cockroaches in a few short months!

As tourists move in and out of Florida this summer, they can bring cockroaches with them in suitcases, clothing items, or in cardboard boxes. Spiders can also be brought into the state from various sources. The hot and humid summer weather increases the spider population as well.  And since spiders provide food for cockroaches, there is no shortage of food for the ever increasing population. One cockroach can quickly become 50. Once they are inside, they multiply and grow their populations and are extremely difficult to completely eradicate without professional help.

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