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February 2020

Lethal Viral Necrosis on St. Augustine Grass


In south Florida over the last few years several samples were diagnosed positive for a new disease called lethal viral necrosis (associated with sugarcane mosaic virus, SCMV) on Saint Augustinegrass, cultivar ‘Floratam’. The following are the most frequently asked questions regarding this disease: Which is the most affected plant? Saint Augustinegrass ‘Floratam’ cultivar is the principal [...]

Lethal Viral Necrosis on St. Augustine Grass2020-02-24T16:44:36+00:00

June 2019

May 2019

Ants Are Farmers


Ants Are Farmers Besides humans, ants are the only creatures that will farm other creatures. Just as humans raise livestock as a food source, ants will do the same with other insects. The most commonly farmed insects are aphids. Occasionally mealybugs and soft scales are farmed when there is a plentiful source available. Why Aphids? [...]

Ants Are Farmers2019-05-30T12:27:54+00:00

March 2019

Pests In Your Garage


Pests In Your Garage Your garage may have secret hiding places that are attractive to undesired insects and wildlife. From ants, spiders, and roaches, to rodents, raccoons, and birds, your garage may be harboring pests that you are unaware of, and when pests become comfortable living in your garage, it’s only a matter of time before [...]

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December 2018

How Do Ants Enter Your Home? It’s Frustrating


How Do Ants Enter Your Home? It's Frustrating When you come across a good thing, you tell your family and friends, right? Well, so do ants. When scout ants discover a food and water source, they rush back to the colony to let others know and bring back hundreds of friends to carry food back [...]

How Do Ants Enter Your Home? It’s Frustrating2018-12-20T18:41:10+00:00

November 2018

Hate Holiday Party Crashers? Pests Are The Worst!


Hate Holiday Party Crashers? Pests Are The Worst!  You’ve shopped, prepared, and decorated your home for the holidays, but there is one thing that can go wrong if left unattended, undesired pests.  There are 4 kinds of pest party crashers that can wreck-it quicker than Ralph.   Spiders. They ride in unnoticed on your freshly [...]

Hate Holiday Party Crashers? Pests Are The Worst!2019-06-28T22:59:05+00:00

October 2018

Rodent Populations Rise As Palm Beach County Growth Continues


Rodent Populations Are Rising As Florida continues to grow, the number of people living in Palm Beach County is expected to reach 1.5 million.  The University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research says Palm Beach County’s population was just 1.41 million as of mid-2017. UF demographers expect the population to top 1.5 million as [...]

Rodent Populations Rise As Palm Beach County Growth Continues2018-10-11T12:42:33+00:00

August 2018

Solving Community Association Pest Issues


Solving Community Association Pest Issues Many times Condo and Homeowner Associations face the same pest issues again and again.  Often, board members will ask, “Didn’t we take care of the rats at the pool two months ago? How many times do we have to get our pest control company out here before they correct the [...]

Solving Community Association Pest Issues2019-06-28T23:02:14+00:00

June 2018

Cockroach Population Set To Explode


Cockroach Population Set To Explode   Now that the summer heat has set in, insect pests also set in. In summer, eggs hatch a lot faster, which means we see increased amounts of cockroaches.  It is estimated that there will be more cockroaches born in Palm Beach County, Florida alone, than the entire population of [...]

Cockroach Population Set To Explode2018-06-28T13:15:20+00:00