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Did you know that there are over 700 different kinds of ants that live in the United States?  Or that for every one person in the world, there are approximately one million ants?  These statistics show that ants are everywhere and can penetrate about any place or building. Although ants are amazing creatures, most people do not want to have ants living and roaming within their homes. Vulcan Pest Control can help you rid your home of ants and minimize their chances of future invasions.

Ant Control Technicians With a Plan

The key to having ant control in your environment is to understand how an ant behaves and how they live their lives. Vulcan Pest Control technicians understand the habits of ants and ant colonies. Company experts have derived a 5-step plan in order to keep the ant population under control. The five steps include; 1) Thorough Inspection, 2) Indoor Treatment, 3) Outdoor Treatment, 4) Perimeter Application, and 5) Implementation of an Ongoing Maintenance Program.

The first step, a thorough inspection of your home and the surrounding property is a vital step. A technician will locate where the ants are entering your home.  From that point, they will also search the exterior portion of your home that coincides with the located entry point and can treat both areas; indoors and outdoors. Small holes or cracks will be treated, as well as outdoor openings that allow the ants to have access to your home.

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Since ants live in colonies with many other ants, it is important that the trail of ants is monitored and located, so the home base can be treated, also. Vulcan Pest Control professionals know the rituals of ants and the biology of the ant, so they know precisely how to take care of ant infestations and prevent them from pestering you within your home. Although ants are amazing, it is best for everyone if they thrive in an outdoor environment instead of within your own living space. You can trust Vulcan Pest Control to be your ant control specialist.

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