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Expert Pest Control & Lawn Care Services for Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Pest control is an important service for any homeowner because the longer it goes unchecked, the more damage is done by the pests. We offer top-quality pest control services in Palm Beach Gardens FL and surrounding areas.

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    Termite Control

    There are several species that are a common problem here in South Florida. It is estimated that termites cost property owners around the US billions of dollars each year which is more than storms and fires combined. We have specially trained technicians that can diagnose the different species and come up with the best method of control for your home.

    We offer the following services in the Palm Beach Gardens area:

    Vulcan Pest Control offers a variety of pest services to meet your needs. Whether it is termites, rats, ants, or a number of other pests, we have the solution that best fits your home.

    Lawn Fertilization

    The lawns of Palm Beach Gardens FL are lush and beautiful! To keep your lawn looking healthy, Vulcan Pest Control provides lawn fertilization for added nutrition for your lawn, palm trees and shrubs. Many of the plants found in Florida are not native to the local area. To keep their roots strong and to provide bloom potential, our fertilization program will provide a precisely formulated nutritional additive for your soil. Our customers have relied on our quality services since 1987, so we know you’ll enjoy the beauty of your yard with our lawn fertilization as well!

    Weed Control

    Are you tired of pulling weeds? Did you think you pulled the last weed only to turn around and find another? Let Vulcan Pest Control handle the weed control for you! After we inspect your yard, we will provide services to remove weeds. Some weeds can be treated pre-emergent and others when they emerge. Knowing when and how to apply treatment can help keep them under control. Our technicians receive a high level of training on lawn care. Once we treat your yard, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of your healthy and vibrant weed free yard!

    Termite Control

    We understand that your home is a large investment. That’s why if you think you may have termites, call us today for a free consultation. There are a variety of species in the Florida area. As highly trained technicians, we know the signs of termite activity even when they are doing the most of their damage out of sight in your walls. After we’ve determined the species and depending on your home’s structure, we will offer either Termido® or structural fumigation treatment options.

    Rat Control

    Did you know rats can enter a home through an opening the size of a quarter? Our highly trained technicians are able to identify if rats are present in your home and after a careful inspection, identify how they are entering your home. We can control any rat issues in your home to keep your family and pets safe from disease and harmful parasites that rats carry.

    Ant Control

    With a thorough initial visit, our knowledgeable pest technicians will determine where and how ants are entering your home. They will provide a solution to remove them from your home and preventative steps to keep them out! With an indoor and outdoor treatment as well as a perimeter application the initial ant problem can be removed. However, to keep the ants gone permanently we suggest a maintenance program designed for your home. Ask our technicians for details!

    I would recommend Vulcan Pest Control to anyone in the Palm Beach County area. —Robert S.
    Protecting Your Family & Home For Over 30 Years

    Our customized pest solutions are convenient and affordable with service plans starting as low as $30/month. Our team of professionals can help with all types of pests found in your home and around your property, including cockroaches, spiders, ants, crickets, rodents, fleas, ticks, termites, mosquitos, and more!

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