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Quality Lawn Fertilization in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Living in Royal Palm Beach, FL has many, many perks; however, there are also some aspects that can be quite frustrating, too. One thing that can be troublesome is pests, like bugs, insects, and rodents, that invade your home or business. Royal Palm Beach, FL definitely has its’ share of pesky pests and getting rid of them within your indoor environment can be tricky.

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    Pro Certified Lawn Professionals

    Our experts have over 30 years of experience taking care of homes in the Royal Palm Beach area. We aim to provide our customers with superior-high-quality care while creating long-term relationships with clients. Routine maintenance is needed for pest management because pests can invade a home throughout the year and in varying seasons.

    Our employees are thoroughly trained and are constantly learning new techniques and technology advancements that aid in ridding various properties of insects. They are able to stay abreast of new products and formats that prove effective with the minimization of all unwanted bugs within the home.

    If you are dealing with pesky insects or rodents, then contact Vulcan Pest Control.  

    Lawn Fertilization

    Maintaining a beautiful yard in Royal Palm Beach FL takes expert knowledge of the soil to keep your lawn, palms trees, and plants healthy! Many of the plants in Florida require additional nutrients in the soil since they are not from here. At Vulcan Pest Control, our team of experts provides lawn fertilization treatments in Royal Palm Beach, FL to add the necessary nutrients for strong plant roots and healthy growth. With the proper nutrition added to your soil, we know you’ll enjoy the beauty and lushness of your lawn! 

    Weed Control

    Are weeds overtaking your yard? Are they ruining the beauty of your landscape? Call us today for expert weed control. We understand how to improve the soil and when to treat the various types of weeds to keep weed growth under control. There are a variety of weeds in our area. Each type requires treatment at different stages of its growth. Our highly trained lawn experts understand when the best times are to apply the treatment. Let us help you with your lawn maintenance to keep weeds from ruining the beauty of your yard.

    Bugs don't stand a chance! —Fernando B.
    Protecting Your Family & Home For Over 30 Years

    Our customized pest solutions are convenient and affordable with service plans starting as low as $35/month. Our team of professionals can help with all types of pests found in your home and around your property, including cockroaches, spiders, ants, crickets, rodents, fleas, ticks, termites, mosquitos, and more!

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